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Hedge Apples



Product Description

For the most part, hedge apple season is ending here in Kentucky.  Anticipating this, Chrisman Mill Farms built a walk-in cooler this year in order to keep a stock of hedge apples for those who wish to get them in the coming months, especially those customers who have contacted us wanting them for use in treating cancers.

The hedge apples we store are individually wrapped in wax paper and kept at a temperature between 39 and 43 degrees Fahrenheit.  These hedge apples are ripe, and it is our hope that this method of storage will keep them for 10 to 12 weeks.  This new method of storage is uncharted territory for us and therefore we cannot guarantee, as we have in the past, how fresh they will be when they are purchased.  I can assure you that we will not send any hedge apples that we ourselves would not use but we just can’t guarantee how long they will last for all their various uses.

Picked locally around the farm. Not only have our customers reported their success in repelling spiders and insects but also have used our Osage Oranges as decorative table and mantle arrangements for their homes. We have had reports from some of our customers of this fruits AMAZING medicinal properties. For interesting articles on this subject, do a Google search using the words “Hedge apple cancer.” At Chrisman Mill Farms, our #1 mission is taking care of our customers.  From our home to yours!

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Chrisman Mill Farms Osage Oranges (Hedge Apples)

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